Luzco Technologies’ team of engineers and project managers bring together diverse talents and experiences. Each member of our team plays an integral role in helping us deliver exceptional results and best-in-class service. Learn more about our key team members below.

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Founder & President

Lusnail Haberberger is an experienced project manager with a broad diversity of skills and project assignments in the utility field. She has a verifiable track record of bringing together cross-functional teams by significantly improving communications between different stakeholders – engineering, applications support, legal and field crew. Her projects have included managing and overseeing the execution of a $250 million utility program, as well as several multimillion-dollar electrical reliability projects. Her ability to work on multiple projects in parallel by prioritizing and multitasking makes her a versatile and results-oriented leader to any management team.



Matt Hebner is a seasoned transmission and distribution project engineer with over 10 years of experience. He has been a key team member on multiple high-profile overhead transmission line projects for major utilities, including Ameren, Xcel PSCo/NSP, Iberdrola, Allegheny Power, and American Electric Power. He has substantial experience in overhead transmission line design up to 500kV and has worked on all aspects of line design as project engineer, transmission line designer on structure design and placement, as well as foundation design. Additionally, Hebner has worked as a field engineering liaison to provide program-wide construction support.



Jason Rogers is a project manager with 15 years of experience in the construction and aerospace industry. He has performed all aspects of project scope management by collecting project requirements, defining the scope, creating the WBS, performing scope verification, and controlling scope. He has carried out project cost management activities, including estimating, budgeting and controlling expenses through the use of earned value management. His experience with managing multiple cross functional teams has concluded in projects being completed on time, on budget and operating efficiently.